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I’m running for mayor because Richmond needs a change: we can  be a city that works for everyone. It’s an exciting time. We’ve got a lot of talent and diversity in Richmond, attracting people from all across the country. But we have to make sure that there’s opportunity for everyone and that people aren’t getting pushed out or left behind.

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Meet Harrison

Harrison Roday is a non-profit and business leader dedicated to building a stronger Richmond for all of us.

He founded Bridging Virginia, a Richmond-based non-profit community development fund that provides access to capital for Black, women, and minority-owned small businesses. He also serves as board member of Foodshed Capital, another non-profit community lender that works primarily with BIPOC farmers to build more equitable, regenerative foodsheds.

In the private sector, Harrison founded a software company and previously served in leadership roles at large industrial companies with thousands of employees.

He grew up in Henrico, attended William & Mary, and began his career by working for Senator Tim Kaine. He is the grandson of immigrants who fled Nazi Germany looking for freedom and opportunities – the same freedom and opportunities we can work together to protect and create in Richmond.

Harrison’s experiences working for Senator Kaine and in the Obama White House profoundly impacted his belief in the power of inclusive, principled leadership to bring people together and find solutions that benefit entire communities.

Harrison has worked for years to help elect Democrats to the Virginia General Assembly and in Congress. Harrison serves on the Board of Directors of Roe Your Vote Virginia, a PAC supporting pro-choice candidates in Virginia legislative races, and on the Founding Advisory Board of We the People for Education, a non-profit focused on electing School Board candidates who push back against recent waves of right-wing divisiveness and extremism.


Photo by DeAudrea Rich

Harrison Roday is a non-profit and business leader running to be the next Mayor of Richmond. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2024. Support Harrison’s campaign by making a donation online or signing up to volunteer