Building a City Hall that Works for Everyone

Richmonders deserve a city government that works for them – and while we have much to be proud of, we have much to improve.  Our blueprint to reform the city ensures that the government delivers on its promises to Richmonders. We will work together with our talented workforce in every city agency to create the tools, systems, and structure needed to get results.

We will conduct a top to bottom review and audit of every agency with a clear goal: providing results and setting the stage for full accountability. We will develop a five year operating plan for every facet of our government – while delivering quarterly progress reports to the public. I’ve implemented plans like these with organizations as large as the city government – and with meaningful nonprofits that measured success by impact. There’s no reason we can’t do it at City Hall. It just means thinking differently, and looking at challenges with a fresh perspective. We can focus on delivering timely and high quality services to residents in every neighborhood while partnering with our City Hall workforce – and our residents – to ensure an open, transparent, and responsive government.

Safe and Thriving Communities

Our city will only be successful when every resident feels their neighborhood is safe and thriving. Our administration will partner with neighborhood associations, schools, non-profits, and public safety officials to pursue community-centric policies, including those to reduce gun violence.

Neighborhood safety is only one part of a thriving community. We need to fix neglected infrastructure like sidewalks, roads, bike lanes, transit shelters, and our combined sewer overflow. Prospering neighborhoods also means access to resources, like healthy food.  As someone who helped lead a non-profit dedicated to sustainable agriculture, I know the importance of access to quality, healthy food – and I know that we can work together to address challenges around food insecurity.

More Affordable Housing

The rising cost of housing in Richmond is one of our biggest problems. Too many young people struggle to start a family because of high costs. Not enough homes are available to the teachers, firefighters, and nurses who are core to our community. As Richmond grows, we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past and leave members of our community behind. I’ll work with local community leaders and businesses to address the housing crisis facing our community. We have not invested enough in growing the supply of affordable housing – and we can do more than the commitments that have been made in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

The relationships I’ve built and experience I’ve gained working in non-profit finance and business give me unique insight into innovative ways to bring communities and businesses together to achieve a common goal: building safe and affordable housing in Richmond.

Improving Richmond Public Schools

Education is the key to our children’s ability to succeed and the key to our city succeeding. My administration will partner with RPS, the School Board, and other education voices in our community to ensure we are providing the resources needed so that every student receives a great public school education in modern facilities.

All our students deserve an opportunity to learn – and be prepared to pursue opportunities after graduation that work for their dreams. Our administration will partner with RPS and the School Board to develop pathways for both those students who want to enter the workforce immediately after graduation and for those who plan to attend an institution of higher learning.

Defending Reproductive Freedom

Reproductive rights need to be protected in Richmond, as they should be protected throughout the Commonwealth and nation. The multiple Planned Parenthood centers in Richmond aren’t political footballs or partisan playgrounds. They’re trusted organizations that provide critical health care services to the community.

From national abortion bans to local zoning laws, people who don’t share our values are trying to do everything they can to interfere with reproductive freedom. Healthcare decisions should be made with women, families, doctors and nurses in the room – not politicians. There are too many in our state and federal government who are trying to put politicians’ misguided and harmful ideas ahead of the decisions of women, families, doctors, and nurses. With multiple Planned Parenthood centers in Richmond, we do not need a Mayor who will restrict access to reproductive health. I’m a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood, and I will work to protect reproductive freedoms as Mayor. 

Working with the Community

Richmonders deserve a Mayor who will take personal accountability and responsibility to lead our City – to fight for you. That doesn’t mean telling everyone what to do – it means listening, partnering, and driving accountability. Richmonders don’t need more politicians, they need more people who want to serve the public – so every resident wakes up knowing there is someone in their corner ready to fight for them. 

We know the future of Richmond can be bright for everyone, so let’s work together to make it happen. 

Harrison Roday is a non-profit and business leader running to be the next Mayor of Richmond. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2024. Support Harrison’s campaign by making a donation online or signing up to volunteer

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